November 15th
Hard Fork

Instructions for Safe Storage,
Transfer, and Coin Splitting

All users are strongly suggested to read this announcement in its entirety to make sure your coins stay safe.

On November 15th, the Bitcoin Cash network is undergoing a scheduled protocol upgrade based on the November BCH specification. However, an alternate (incompatible) upgrade is also being promoted ("SV", "BSV", "Bitcoin SV", etc.)

The Electron Cash software is already compatible with both the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network as well as the new BSV network. To switch from one network to another, you can simply select a different server from the network tab. We have created a survey listing of which ElectrumX servers are running what kind of node.

If you are running an ElectrumX server yourself, you will need to run the new version that supports any transaction order.

Users need to be aware of several important things. First, the miners of the BSV network have expressed their intentions to engage in a "hash war" against the Bitcoin Cash network, which could cause blockchain re-organizations and orphaned blocks more frequently than usual.

It is advised to proceed cautiously after the fork date to make sure the network is running smoothly, with extra confirmations allowed. It is also advised to use small amounts at first and make sure you're on the right network..

If you simply do nothing and let your coins sit in a wallet or in cold storage without moving them, they should be safe on both networks.

Second, there is no replay protection between the two networks. This means that if you send a transaction on either the BCH or BSV network, your coins may (or may not) also move on the other network.

Although it will be mined in a different block, a transaction will still appear as valid. Over time, the two chains will monotonically diverge as they develop distinct transaction sets either through deliberate means (using tools like our coin splitter) or naturally via coinbase rewards. To keep full control over your coins, you should either A) ensure that the replay happens by broadcasting on all nodes, or B) you should use a coin splitting tool to make sure the replay *cannot* happen. This tool provides the latter capability.

Our coin splitting tool that allows you to create transaction histories that can only exist on chains following the BCH specificatoin where OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY is enabled. The tool is a special one-off release of Electron Cash that contains a new dialog for splitting coins. The release can be downloaded here:

This tool was developed by Mark Lundeberg. You can find signatures and checksum hashes for the release here.

I, Jonald Fyookball, maintainer of Electron Cash, have checked the deterministic Windows build of Mark Lundeberg's coinsplitter and can confirm the following SHA256 checksum reproduces on my setup:

b307b23f86aa8ec600d43686e3bf75d41ed423ea54290632d61466f8ab904656 Electron Cash-3.3.1CS.exe

I have not, however, reviewed the full set of code differences from the official Electron Cash.

You can find documentation on the coinsplitter tool here.