A Bitcoin Cash SPV Wallet

Control your own private keys. Easily back up your wallet with a mnemonic seed phrase. Enjoy high security without downloading the blockchain or running a full node.

Electron Cash now supports CashTokens.



Your private keys are encrypted and never leave your computer.


Your funds can be recovered from a secret phrase.

Instant On

Electron Cash is fast, because it uses servers that index the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

No Lock-In

You can export your private keys and use them in other Bitcoin Cash clients.

No Downtimes

Electron Cash servers are decentralized and redundant. Your wallet is never down.

Proof Checking

Electron Cash verifies all the transactions in your history using SPV.

Cold Storage

Keep your private keys offline, and go online with a watching-only wallet.


Split the permission to spend your coins between several wallets.

Logo for CashFusion and RPA


Add privacy with CashFusion coinjoins and receive funds with stealth (RPA) addresses.

Logo for CashTokens


Use CashTokens, the built-in token system for the Bitcoin Cash network.

What is SPV?

SPV stands for Simplified Payment Verification. It was first described by Satoshi Nakamoto in the original Bitcoin whitepaper. This method allows a wallet to provide strong security without the need for downloading the blockchain or running a full node. SPV lets you validate your own transactions by ensuring they are confirmed in the blockchain. It uses the best header chain with the most cumulative proof of work and the correct hashing difficulty level. Electron Cash relies on a distributed network of servers which handle the heaviest part of blockchain operations. Your private keys sign transactions locally. They are never sent to the servers.


This software is provided free of charge in hopes that it will be useful, but without any warranty of merchantability, under the terms of the MIT License.
Note for Windows users: Anti-virus programs occasionally flag the wallet with false positives. If you trust the developers, then the software is safe once you verify the GPG signatures and/or checksums. Or, you can build the binaries yourself.

.AppImage is for any Linux 64 bit (it's a self-contained app bundle with everything inside)
-- Note: Be sure to set this to executable to run it (chmod +x)

Please take the time to verify the authenticity of these files before running them.
This protects you from hackers and malware!
You can find signatures, checksum hashes, and instructions here.


What if I need support?

Please visit us on Github or on Telegram.

Also have a look at our Video Tutorials on Youtube.

Looking for an older version?

Outdated software versions may be incompatible with the network or insecure, leading to loss of funds. You should only run an outdated version if absolutely necessary or for research purposes. To proceed with caution, click here.

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